Friday, April 28, 2017

HELLO! Ladies and gents I am just her to say that I hope you are having a really good day today and everyday in that matter. I am so sorry I haven't updated my blog so her we go and I have a lot of things to say to you.

So first of I have been deoing some reaserch for my english class It is called "How to Prevent kids from bening in the Military". Yes, I Know what your probably thinking " Wow he has a long Title for that reaserch paper" I totally understand but I wanted to sound more sophisticated. But I am really trying to astablish the fact that all over the world is in conflict not just the U.S. The Biggest problem that africa has right now is the consitant wars with the goverment and the rebellious people that want to become indepented and not living under a democracy.

The next thing I wanted to talk about is life. My life is great and I understan that when kids say that they want this  an this but what some kids need to relize is that your parents are not going to always be there for you and your going to go off to collage and then your an adult wich means you have to live on your own. And trust me I had a brother that is older than me and I told him the same thing I just said now and now he is out of collage and has a wife and two kids. My excepctation when I was going to say that was to get it through so he unstood that I was just trying to help him instead of putting him down. 

The other thing is when i was around 11 months- or 1 years old is when my dad came back from Iraq I didnt really remember because I was super young but I was over at my sister-in-laws house and she gave me a bunch of pictures and Of course they were about me but the one that stuck out to me Was a picture that had a little water damage on the top right was really cool it was a picture of the day that my day came back from his 4th tour in Iraq. I was sitting there in camo pj's and my mom took the picture when I saw him and that was the first picture that she took of me while my dad was home. 
How to Prevent kids in africa from joining the army

The first thing that we can do to prevent children from being forced into the armed forces in africa is by introducing a new method of peace instead of fighting for it. In the mixed of what is all happening in africa and all over the world is a war and we need to have it stopped because, if we keep it up it is going to destroy families and also going to ruin the lives of innocent people.

In my reaseach According to that 300,000 kids in africa form a part of irregular, and regular armed forces worldwide. Also 120,000 kids are used to this day as combantants. Combantants means a person who takes personal in hostiles. According to over 200,000
kids are put in the rebelling armys at the age of 8-12.

One of the biggest problems that rebellious countries have are fighting in wars just to get some little thing accrossed all it takes is a couple of words and maybe even a signiture. Yes, I know what your thing I am just a kid still have still have a lot to learn well ma'am or gentleman I am young and have a lot of thing to learn but I know How to dig in and do good reaserch.    

Monday, March 6, 2017

What I Know About Gaming  
What I know about gaming is that it is super fun to do in your free time. Gaming is a process of many people working together and building the coolest games ever to be made. Gaming companies vary between Blizzard, Nintendo, etc all are very well know gaming businesses. Companies made up to 10.3 billion dollars in 2004. U.S.gaming profit was estimated to be 20.5 billion in 2014  (

What I Would Like To Know About Gaming
I would like to know how long it take s to come up with the idea to make the game, and how long it takes to develop the games. Also I would really like to know how they come up with the ideas to get started on the sketches and the voice actors. Another thing is that do they get other companies to support their game with money wise. Since they are coming out with new player on this game called overwatch, everytime they give you clues through out the game. I would like to know how they come up with all of their ideas and what makes them think of the specific creation/character in the game.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

           In the school, and around the world people should recycle because if we start to clean up the planet pollution will start to go down. In my house we don't have a recycling bin so my dad, and I went out to buy supple and we built a really big bin sort of like a trash can. It took my dad, and I two weeks to build it because of the weather. Now every time we have cans or anything metal so that It all can be changed into something amazing.

          My opinion on recycling is if we get the stuff of the roads and out of all the ditches it will save us and animals in the future. My dad and I are working with the wildlife association with all of the cleaning up. So far we have made so much progress through out the pass 2 years. The one thing that I like about cleaning up the environment is that it is fun but hardworking, and you get to meet new people. Another advantage for you to do this is that you can get a lot of exercise.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

          In my school the past few weeks people have been getting sick. Last Monday only a couple of kids were gone in the middle school and in the high school there was only 8-9 kids gone. Tuesday more and more kids from the high school and the middle school were gone because of the flu. And as the week went on it was getting worse and worse the number of sicknesses got up to the 50s each for high school and middle school.

         On Thursday in the morning my friends, and I were talking and then we looked at the time and saw that it was 8:11 school starts at 8:15 and we look into the math room and there was only a few kids like 3-4 and in the first class period there is 20 kids. when I went to my first class we were talking taking lunch count and attendance we got the sheet where it tells us what is happening. So we asked our Geography teacher to count up how many kids were gone and as she was counting them she told us that it was 120 kids gone in the middle school and high school.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Image result for nfl football cheeseImage result for nfl football packers   I really like to play football it is one of the many sports that I play and it is one of my favorites. When I was in third grade I started football for WestStone Valley Youth Football (WVYF). My brothers are the real reason that I am in football right now. I used to watch it a lot but I never thought about playing on a school team. The first time I played against another team it was against Sisseton and I was really nervous and forgot some of the plays. 

When I started I didn't know what position I was going to play but since I was faster then some of the kids, and I could run the ball without fumbling. I was also on the line and I did really good in that position because I could get through the line so I can sack the QB (quarter back) for a loss of yards. My first year wasn't as good as I wanted it to be but, after a couple of years of playing I have gotten a lot better. I don't go into every game looking to hurt people I go to have fun. When I am on the field I am always thinking about protecting the QB so that we can when the game.

Last year my team was really good. My team over the summer were working out to get in shape. But when we came back we worked out so much that it was to easy to beat other teams. The first game of the season we had twenty-six points they had zero. The second game it was twenty to zero we won that one as well. The third game it was 14 to 6 we won that one too. Fourth game was 28 to 14 this team put up a really good fight. We went through all of our games without losing at all. So our team went to the championship in Morris S.D. there was a lot of teams there competing and some of us were nervous including me. It was super hot out and we played our first game in the championship and I almost passed out from the heat we won that game but we were so tired. Second game we won as well 28 to 0 we were even more tired. By the third game we were so tired and hot that we chugged all of the water. But the thing that got us through that third game was when the coach prayed for us to get our strength and go out there and win. Now we are the very proud owners of the championship trophy.     

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

 I am in football it is a really good sport to show off how fast you run, throw juke, or hit it is a sport
 fitness and agility. But one thing to never to forget is that you have to have fun or there is not really a              reason. Playing football gets you ready for any other sport that you want to go out. Play football can              help you in track, wrestling, and baseball. I want to know why do the littler kids not do field goals,                punts, or fumble recovery's. I learned that it is way to dangerous for the littler kids to do punts can                cause concussions or an even serious injury, and it is the same thing for the fumble recovery's cause it            can hurt him/her very badly. I found this on 

When I was about 3 years-old my dad was in the military and I barely got to see him and it was hard but after growing up knowing my dad risked his life for our free country. Why does the military send these letters to the boy who just graduated asking them if that want to join the military when they already have over 150,000 Soldiers, 182,000 Marines, National Guard 342,000, United Army Reserve 198,000,  all together they have 1,137,916 enlisted and more every year. I learned that If you get a letter to go into the military that it is an honor to go because you get to see what is happening in the political wars that are happening right in front of you so you can see it for yourself. I found this on